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Dr. Michael Kreidstein

Dr Michael L Kreidstein is an expert cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon.

300 York Mills Road, Suite 211, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2L 2Y5

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Are You Too Young For a Facelift?
Many of our patients are very comfortable with fillers, botox and peels to maintain their appearance, but the mood changes when facelift surgery enters the discussion. Properly planned and executed, this procedure is without peer for face and neck rejuvenation, but the ‘facelift' carries a stigma th…

In response to crisis created by, we will be open 24/7! Do not...

In response to crisis created by, we will be open 24/7! Do not panic!

Will Breast Implants Change Your Life?

Will Breast Implants Change Your Life?

Breast Implants: Psychological Affects and Self-Esteem
Breast augmentation -- breast implant surgery -- is the top cosmetic surgery procedure performed today. Studies have shown that breast implants may help boost self-esteem, body image, and sexual satisfaction. But some women may expect too much after their implants -- and feel seriously let down.

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